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Physical Wellness

We believe that playtime is an essential part of every child's routine. It provides the child with the communication and social skills required for their development. We provide children with a safe and healthy environment to explore and learn.
We provide children with a wide range of activities to keep them active, engaged, healthy and happy. Some of the outdoor facilities we provide:

  • - Playground
  • - Outdoor Painting
  • - Nearby school playground

Mental Development

We offer a basic structure for children to learn while having fun. We give children the freedom to ask questions and while receiving meaningful yet understandable answers. We provide simple guidelines to improve their learning experience. Our programs include:

  • - Drawing.
  • - Arts & Craft.
  • - Story telling.
  • - Songs.
  • - Circle time.


At our daycare, we encourage children to develop healthy eating habits at a very young age. We recommend that parents follow the Canada Food Guide when considering food choices for their child’s lunch and snacks.
We always celebrate special occasions with a special snack. Parents are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for their child’s birthday or other special occasions.
Mealtimes will be calm and pleasant experiences, focusing on the social interactions between children and caregiver. Children will be encouraged to undertake discussions about food, healthy food and food from other cultures.
We use our organic vegetable garden to increase the children’s awareness of different foods and nutrition. Some of our educational activities may include, cutting and pasting pictures of healthy foods, dramatic play, cooking activities.
Whilst in care it is recommended that children have 50% of their recommended daily intake. The following serves are a guide as to what parents can send if the child attends for a full day, half the amount if attending half a day:

  • - 3 servings of milk products
  • - 2 servings of bread/cereals
  • - 1 serving of fruit
  • - 1 serving of vegetable
  • - 1 serving of meat or substitute


We take every opportunity to help grow child's creativity and imagination through arts, crafts, stories and other techniques. We teach our children basic crafts, we help them indulge in differnt types of arts and we encourage them to express themselves when possible. We also work hard on creative a space that grows child's imagination.

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